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"You Don't Rise To The Level Of Your Goals. You Fall To The Level Of Your Systems."
– James Clear, Author

As a Bloom Growth Coach, I work with leadership teams at $50M+ companies to improve communication, boost efficiency and inject more fun into their collaborations. My goal is to facilitate better team health and smarter systems that drive faster growth.With 7 consecutive SuperLawyer awards and clients ranging from startup restaurants to $90M+ manufacturing companies, I have a proven track record of implementing the right systems to achieve operational excellence and a high-EQ leadership style that promotes culture building.


Don Ho, Esq.

I've been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. I've bootstrapped one business to $10M+, another to mid-seven figures, and half dozen others to mid-six figures.My passion is helping people and organizations unleash their full potential so they can find more joy in their work and life. When we love what we do and who we're doing it with, work becomes fun. Businesses grow faster when everyone is engaged, using smart systems, and playing to their strengths.I live in Orange County, California with my wife and three kids. When I'm not working, you'll likely find me on daddy duty or sipping a cuppa (Taiwanese oolong usually). I'm an open book, so feel free to ask me anything!

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